Overcoming the Capacity Management Challenge in a Virtualized Infrastructure
The virtualization of large portions of enterprise computing has once again raised the challenge of performing effective capacity management. In recent years the proliferation of over-provisioned systems resulted in the marginalization of the capacity management practice. Now, the cost-saving motive for virtualization necessitates effective capacity management of the entire virtual infrastructure. However, IT managers soon discover that the complexity of capacity management becomes significantly magnified in a virtualized environment for two reasons:

   • Increase of systems requiring capacity management
   • Multi-layer capacity management
PerfCap Corporation's eCAP Software for IBM pSeries Capacity Planning and Server Consolidation
The eCAP capacity planning software is an independently established toolset covering all major Operating Systems including the pSeries market. This planning software uses a highly efficient performance data collector supported on all the major UNIX platforms, Windows, Linux and legacy Operating Systems such as OpenVMS, The eCAP Planner software product provides consultants or vendors with a tool which answers the following frequently asked questions:

   • What server do you recommend?
   • Why?
   • How much headroom will the new solution provide?
   • What is the upgrade path for the new solution?