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PerfCap Partner Program FAQ
Why should I become a PerfCap Partner?
The PerfCap Certified Partner Program is more than just a partner program, it is a business framework. It defines how we do business. For you and your business to be successful and competitive in today’s marketplace, you must have the best products, margins, support, services, training and programs. PerfCap is focused on delivering the best in each of these categories. We are interested in building lasting and productive relationships, and providing the incentives and features to give our partners the opportunity to succeed within a comprehensive and consistent partnership model.
What are the program benefits?
PerfCap understands that the most important aspect of a successful partnership program is a return on your investment of time and money. Our goal is to deliver a solution that sells and puts money in your pocket. PAWZ and Find IT from PerfCap Networks are the only products that work out of the box, are easily customizable and model the information our users need on every single system every single day. We provide financial incentives, bonuses, technical training, selling tools and collateral, sales leads, free sales training, joint marketing programs, and dedicated worldwide sales and technical support. All focused on making you successful.
How do I determine if I am eligible for the program?
Request a Partner Program Application (send email to for an application). After reviewing your application, a PerfCap representative will contact you to discuss how we can work together and the next steps.
What are the requirements to become and maintain status as an authorized PerfCap Networks partner?
The most important requirements of PerfCap Network Partners are: Achieve technical certification on our products. A Partner’s technical and sales staff must participate in updated training annually. Participate in the product sales training class Generate ongoing market demand activities Appropriate technical and sales personnel must be retrained annually.
How do I become trained on PerfCap products?
To ensure that you meet your customer’s expectations and provide ongoing support, PerfCap has a comprehensive training program. Technical training includes installation, user training, developer training and maintenance. Training is either web based or instructor led classes. Technical and sales training classes are held either at our headquarters location in Nashua NH, or at a partner’s facility.
What kind of sales support is available from PerfCap to support a Partner?
PerfCap Networks has a knowledgeable, experienced sales organization dedicated to supporting our partners around the world. Because our sales structure is focused on our network of partners, our resources go beyond the sales organization. In effect, everyone within PerfCap works behind the scenes or directly with you and potential customers to ensure success. We do whatever it takes to help you be successful.
What kind of technical assistance is available to partners?
PerfCap provides extensive pre and post sales support from our staff of technicians, support personnel and engineers. PerfCap technical resources can be reached from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern US time. Also, e-mail and voice-mail are available 24X7
What marketing materials are available to partners?
PerfCap Networks offers a wide variety of sales tools and marketing material on our Partner web site, including:
Datasheets (branded with a Partners logo, if desired)
Software Product Descriptions
Sales prompter tools
Application stories
Sales scripts
And much more
How do I find out more information?
There are a number of ways to get more information.
Call PerfCap at: 1 603-594-0222
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  • Guest provisioning problem identification, analysis and advice
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