Performance Analysis & Management

Many businesses find it difficult to acquire and maintain internal performance expertise. For this reason PerfCap offers Performance Management Services. These services may range from a one-time engagement to address a performance problem with a small number of systems to an ongoing enterprise-wide performance management service. PerfCap services are sold and delivered on a statement of work basis. The customer-specific statement of work will define service deliverables and scope.
Typical questions answered in a Performance Management Service may include
Why is performance poor and what can be done to improve it?
Are my computing resources being optimally utilized? Are my systems properly tuned?
How are my computing resources being used?
Where are the underutilized components in my computing infrastructure?
Where are the bottlenecks in my computing infrastructure?
What are the performance risks in my configuration?
What computing resources will be required to meet business growth?
How can computing resources be optimally balanced to support business requirements?
How do I establish an internal performance management practice?
In most cases, PerfCap will install its data collection software on the customer’s production system. PerfCap will work within the constraints of the customer’s change management to ensure there is no interference with ongoing operations. Frequently performance issues are capacity issues and a performance management engagement will involve elements of capacity planning consulting
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