PAWZ Deployment Service

This deployment service consists of the installation and configuration of the Performance Analysis Web Zone (PAWZ) software on one server and a number of clients. It additionally includes an orientation to PAWZ administration, reporting, and performance analysis troubleshooting. Upon completion of this work the Customer is left with an operational PAWZ managed client/server environment. This service is sold and delivered on a statement of work basis. The exact deliverables, including the size of the environment that PAWZ is to be deployed within as well as the overall scope of the service, will vary on a customer by customer basis. The customer-specific statement of work will define those deliverables and scope.
The key deliverables are as follows:
Install the PAWZ Server software on one server
Install the related operating system, Internet and database software on the PAWZ Server, if required. These additional activities will be detailed in the statement of work
Install the PAWZ Agent software on a specified number of clients
Configure the parameters for eCAP Monitors and the utility used to upload the collected data from the PAWZ Agents to the PAWZ Server
Establish and test the connections between the PAWZ Agents and the PAWZ Server
Orient the Customer’s technical staff to the reporting, performance troubleshooting and ongoing operations of the PAWZ software
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