PerfCap values its partnerships as they give us the ability to provide you – our client with the best solutions and best values available for your business. Through its partners program, PerfCap has established business relationships with a number of companies worldwide. These companies represent system integrators, professional services organizations, software and hardware manufacturers. Some partners provide systems implementation and integration, while others provide product solutions that complement and are supported by PerfCap’s suite of products.
The goals of the PerfCap partner program are to provide flexibility, choice, and quick delivery for our customers, and develop integrated, viable solutions for PerfCap or our partners to market and sell.
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  • PAWZ with PAWZCloud
  • FindIT
  • PAWZCloud *NEW*

  • Agent-less data collection: Uses VMware VI API
  • Enterprise, Datacenter, Cluster and Host views
  • Multi-level view of Guest and Service provisioning
  • Long term resource usage projections
  • Detect Over and Under provisioned guests
  • Guest provisioning problem identification, analysis and advice
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