Performance Analysis & Capacity Planning

Managing the performance of computer systems, especially in today’s distributed, heterogeneous environments is a challenging task. Performance Analysis Web Zone (PAWZ) from PerfCap Corporation meets the challenges that IS managers face by providing a secure, Web-based performance management of the IT infrastructure. PAWZ allows users to view and analyze performance data, whether historical or real-time, via an Internet/intranet connection using a Web browser. With a simple connection and password, you can view high-level or detailed system performance information, including major system components. PAWZ will send you notification when selected metrics exceeds user-defined thresholds. By automating the performance monitoring and capacity planning process, your IT professionals can focus on solving your business problems.
PAWZ is a Web-based, enterprise-scalable, automated performance management software.
The PAWZ Family consists of:

PAWZ Server processes, stores, and presents capacity data from all connected agents. It offers automated, Web-based performance management across most popular platforms today. The data is displayed and presented via a browser, anywhere, anytime. It provides the end user with a true Enterprise Performance Management solution. Tens of thousands of mixed platform systems can be monitored from a single desktop.

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PAWZ Client is installed on each monitored system. It consists of a PAWZ Agent and a eCAP Monitor. The monitor continuously collects performance data on the target system. The PAWZ Agent transmits that data on a scheduled, ad hoc, or real-time basis to the PAWZ Server. Both PAWZ Client components are non-invasive and have a small footprint.

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PAWZ Super Server allows unlimited scalability to monitor remote systems. PAWZ Super Server co-exists with one or more PAWZ Servers serving as a common portal for web access. The PAWZ Super Server extracts key performance data from the PAWZ Servers as well as provides seamless redirection to individual PAWZ Servers when more detailed data is required.

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  • Agent-less data collection: Uses VMware VI API
  • Enterprise, Datacenter, Cluster and Host views
  • Multi-level view of Guest and Service provisioning
  • Long term resource usage projections
  • Detect Over and Under provisioned guests
  • Guest provisioning problem identification, analysis and advice
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