PAWZ Clients

PAWZ Clients
PAWZ Client is installed on each monitored system. It consists of a PAWZ Agent and a eCAP Monitor. It continuously collects performance data on the target machine and transmits that data on a scheduled, ad hoc, or real-time basis to the PAWZ Server. It is non-invasive and has a small footprint. All major metrics are collected and can be drilled down to sub-metrics. It reduces data, characterizes workloads and creates base capacity planning models each day before sending them to PAWZ Server. Most of PAWZ Client management functions, such as changing sampling interval, defining workloads, stopping/starting collections, can be performed from any desktop via the PAWZ Server website.
Supported Operating Systems
VMware ESX and ESXi
Windows on x86 and x64
Solaris on Sparc, x86 and x64
Oracle Linux on x86 and x64
RedHat Linux Enterprise Server on x86 and x64
SuSE Linux Enterprise Server on x86 and x64
HP-UX on PA-RISC and Itanium
HP OpenVMS on Alpha and Itanium
EMC Storage
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  • Agent-less data collection: Uses VMware VI API
  • Enterprise, Datacenter, Cluster and Host views
  • Multi-level view of Guest and Service provisioning
  • Long term resource usage projections
  • Detect Over and Under provisioned guests
  • Guest provisioning problem identification, analysis and advice
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