Product Training

Performance and capacity management requires a modest level of expertise. PerfCap offers training both methodology and PerfCap tool operation. Training may be customized and delivered on-site. Or a customer may attend training classes delivered at PerfCap’s headquarters in Nashua, New Hampshire. PerfCap training is sold and delivered on a syllabus basis. The customer-specific syllabus will define training deliverables and scope.
PerfCap training falls into the following categories:
PAWZ User – for performance and capacity analysts using the PAWZ tool
PAWZ Operator/Deployment – for those deploying and maintaining PAWZ
Performance Management Methodology and Tools – for those desiring to acquire both performance analysis and management expertise and PerfCap tool usage skills
Capacity Planning Methodology and Tools – for those desiring to acquire both capacity planning and modeling expertise and PerfCap tools usage skills
Advanced Capacity Planning Using PerfCap Tools – for those requiring in-depth training in analytical modeling techniques using PerfCap modeling tools
FindIT – for users and those deploying PerfCap FindIT
Product Trial

Download a full featured trial of:
  • PAWZ with PAWZCloud
  • FindIT
  • PAWZCloud *NEW*

  • Agent-less data collection: Uses VMware VI API
  • Enterprise, Datacenter, Cluster and Host views
  • Multi-level view of Guest and Service provisioning
  • Long term resource usage projections
  • Detect Over and Under provisioned guests
  • Guest provisioning problem identification, analysis and advice
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