Performance Management

Management of computer systems, especially in today’s distributed, heterogeneous environments is a challenging task. Management of large server estates challenges even the most adept IT organization
Key Challenges
How to manage ballooning server estates (physical and virtual) without sacrificing the detail and timeliness required to make effective decisions
How to intelligently reduce volumes of data to only that which requires management attention
How to quickly visualize infrastructure status and risk from the enterprise-wide, CIO level to that of the system manager
Key Solution Requirements
A comprehensive solution must conform to a methodology which makes performance management of large server estates a tractable task. It must:
Use a low-footprint, easily-installed agent on each monitored server to capture superior, detailed data
Incorporate a robust, automated mechanism to consolidate that data in a common database
Automate processes which analyze that data and provide real-time and near-time notification to trigger performance management team attention
Project future performance risk and notify performance management personnel at the appropriate time
Integrate tools to permit the performance analyst to quickly perform in-depth investigation of performance problems
The PerfCap Solution
Performance Analysis Web Zone (PAWZ) from PerfCap Corporation meets the challenges that IS managers face by providing a secure, Web-based performance management of the IT infrastructure. PAWZ allows users to view and analyze performance data, whether historical or real-time, via an Internet/intranet connection using a Web browser. With a simple connection and password, you can view high-level or detailed system performance information, including major system components
PerfCap PAWZ addresses these chief challenges of enterprise performance management:
Full coverage without sacrificing data detail and quality
Automated, low-footprint, easily implemented data capture
Intelligent analysis and filtering optimizes performance management team activity
Key features of the PAWZ solution include:
Automated collection and management of detailed performance data using low-overhead, quickly installed agents, tiered levels of data storage, and robust distributed data transmission to a CMDB
Near-time and real-time performance problem notification and reporting – what, how, when … you need to know
Projection of future performance behavior and risk analysis and reporting
Integrated tools permit the performance analyst drill from high-level data to detailed performance data
Integration of business/application data metrics
Scales easily to 10,000s of servers
By automating the performance monitoring process, IT professionals can focus on solving the important business problems.
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