PAWZCloud Starter Pack

The PAWZCloud Starter Pack gives IT organizations the ability to quickly and cost effectively begin visualizing and optimizing the performance of their computing infrastructure. Customers can experience the benefits of our software even on a limited budget.
The PAWZCloud Starter Pack includes:
 •  A 30 day free trial of our software.
 •  90 day option to purchase PAWZCloud software including one year support at a significant savings.
 •  Five PAWZCloud Client licenses to monitor VMware hosts at the regular price
 •  and one PAWZ Server at no cost.
PAWZCloud simplifies the effort of managing the performance of VMware servers and applications in today’s distributed computing environment. Using agent-less collector technology for VMware, PAWZCloud provides realistic capacity planning, going beyond the simple trending projections to forecast actual system responsiveness based upon sophisticated algorithms that reflect end-user satisfaction. PAWZCloud enables managers to visualize the performance, capacity and risk status of all of their servers and applications in a single view. Using PAWZCloud managers know exactly what servers can handle additional loads so they can more effectively provision their infrastructure avoiding the need to purchase unnecessary hardware. And, PAWZCloud can easily scale to manage even the largest enterprise-class computing infrastructures of tens of thousands of servers.
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  • Agent-less data collection: Uses VMware VI API
  • Enterprise, Datacenter, Cluster and Host views
  • Multi-level view of Guest and Service provisioning
  • Long term resource usage projections
  • Detect Over and Under provisioned guests
  • Guest provisioning problem identification, analysis and advice
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  • Fully automated performance reporting tool
  • Automated Capacity Planning
  • Secure Web based view of performance information from any system, anywhere
  • Common data collection for Performance management and Capacity Planning
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Silent installation support for deploying installations over 10's to 1000's of systems
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