Provides web-based capacity and performance management insight for large virtual infrastructures. Resource usage, capacity status, and future projections may be viewed from the enterprise, data center, cluster, host and guest levels. Key resource dimensions of virtual infrastructure monitored, analyzed, reported and projected include CPU, Memory, Network, SAN Storage Space, Bandwidth, and Latency.
Provides management, infrastructure and application teams with a multi-level view of guest provisioning, from the enterprise to the individual guests, configured for each team’s unique requirements.
Provides provisioning status of services associated with virtual machines at a glance. If PAWZCloud detects problems with guest provisioning, it will automatically generate analysis and advice reports.
Provides a refreshingly cost-effective solution to the need for effective performance and capacity management of large virtual infrastructures.
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  • Fully automated performance reporting tool
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  • Common data collection for Performance management and Capacity Planning
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Silent installation support for deploying installations over 10's to 1000's of systems
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